API for S500 Sonar Pinging

Hello there,
So i’ve purchased the S500 sounder and integrated with BlueRobotics Navigator Board via ethernet cable. However, the only way to start pinging with the sonar, is to press “Start” using the SonarView GUI from the Navigator Board.
Is there a way to start and stop pinging using Python API or any other method? I don’t have access to the AUV all the time and the pinging process should start autonomously anyways!

There is new f/w which can be set to start pinging on power up. This will be released in about 2 weeks, but let me know if you need it sooner and we’ll get you a beta version.

That sounds great!! Yes I’d like to test the beta version.
Does the new firmware allow me to remotely start/stop pinging to save up power consumption?

Yes, works just the same as now except that you change startup settings.

What host platform do you need for the SonarView beta? Windows, Linux, Mac?


Let us know what platform you need for the beta.

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Looking forward to test it! I need the beta version for Windows and Linux.

Here’s the latest Beta

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