Can I get ros drivers for S500?

I want to get ros drivers for S500. Worst case pls provide a cpp driver for it.

You are welcome to try this ROS driver: GitHub - jackarivera/cerulean_sonar

No guarantees as it was written last summer by an intern and has had minimal testing.

However Jack (the intern) has returned and can spend some more time on it next week so any feedback would be timely and welcome!


We are using ros 1. Is it possible for your intern to help us get a driver compatible to that? It would really help

could you try the code with s500? We are not getting proper data. Is the code ever tested with s500.All we see is zero values for all and the sonar does not seem to make any vibrations as it does with cerulean software,

Okay. We’ll try to have a look at the ROS driver this week.

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See updated ROS driver here: GitHub - CeruleanSonar/s500_ros2: ros2 driver for the Cerulean Sonar s500 sonar