Can sonar view make maps for ping 360

Hi can sonar view software make maps as it does for Omniscan 450fs using ping 360 if my robot has an external IMU and GPS? I see in software page it says it support ping 360.
Does it mean only a fan image or it is capable to make maps as well if I can provide IMU data with gps as I do in 450fs

YES, SonarView does support mosaicing on the Ping360 similar to the way it works with Omniscan.

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How can we add IMU and make a mosaic? and do you recommend any specific imu to use?
I cannot find details on discription . Is there a way I can make sonar view detect my imu data which is connected to my robot?

Most of the testing we have done is with BlueOS. This would be our recommended approach at this time. If you have some other flight control system with position and attitude information, let us know the details and possibly we can advise further.

I am using pixhawk4 system.

That should work assuming you have GPS. If your vehicle is under water, you’ll need a DVL as well.

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I have connected GPS and IMU using px4 and able to see data in BlueOS but I am not sure if SONARVIEW is able to detect these two sensors for mosaic to work with ping360. How do we know if these sensors are detected ,anyway to see print data in sonarview or any notification about it?

Start the P360 pinging with SonarView, then rotate the vehicle. See if the SonarView image tracks with the rotation.

Sure,our ping360 will arrive shortly, I will try it. I was just wondering if there is other way to debug it without the sonar.Apart from this, as ping 360 rotates , how will sonarview be able to make mosaic? do we have to somehow stop ping360 rotation?

Currently SonarView doesn’t attempt to connect to BlueOS/MAVLINK until it connects to a sonar that can use it (Omniscan and P360). But that’s worth putting on the list for a future feature.

You do NOT disable the Ping 360 rotation. SonarView takes both the vehicle orientation and the relative ping angle into account when rendering the mosaic.

Let us know how it goes for you when you get your Ping360. You’re probably one of the first users of Ping360 with SonarView and mosaic rendering.

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Hi @Larry ,
can I request the updated sonar view software to know if imu is detected or not?
I tried to connect p360 and pixhawk witj imu,but I am not able to debug if it can make mosaic.looks like imu is not getting detected by software as when i move the boat, the mosaic dont stitch but just spins at one point due to compass data.

To be clear, assuming you don’t have a DVL, neither the vehicle nor the P360 does detects translational motion. The vehicle’s IMU will be used to orient the image in rotation only.

Hi @Larry
, I was wondering then how is single 450fs in these demos able to make mosaic? can you give more details if these demos have dvl? As far as I know 450FS only has inbuilt imu.
Also ours is a GPS-enabled boat with Pixhawk. GPS can give translational motion,right?

Oh yes, if you have GPS and Pixhawk has this information then you should have translational motion. If you can send us a SonarView log file we may be able to diagnose further.

Here is the svlog files.I am not sure how will be the quality with just GPS and IMU. The demo data looked very nice but I was not aware if DVL was needed for it. Having DVL for the boat is expensive and not needed I felt. for underwater drone it might be fesiable.

OK, this is helpful. I think we have some work to do to get translational motion working properly with P360. As I mentioned, you are the first person to actually try to use it. It may be some days before we can get to this, but hopefully this week.

To be clear, you do not need a DVL if you have GPS.

Looking at these files, as far as I can tell SonarView seems to be working correctly. There is translational information in the files, but there is not a lot of motion. Position seems to be bouncing around +/- 1-2 meters max. Like maybe just a noisy (indoors?) GPS signal.

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