Can we get the phase information in omniscan 450 side scan?

I was wondering if I can get the raw phase information from sidescan omican 450 to plot the interoferometic calculations

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Raw phase information is not currently available from the Omniscan 450. But I would be interested to understand exactly what information you would need, and what you would do with it.

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something on this basic principle of interferometric sonars. It allows to extract depth information from sidescan data

We need time delay between each receiver signal in array and distance of each element in array from each other. From this we can have angle and phase information .
Shown below

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Okay, understood. We do have a product like this on the roadmap, but it wouldn’t work with just pair of independent Omniscan 450’s because the sampling of the signals on the 2 devices would have to be exactly synchronized in time so that the phases could be comparable.