Depth map (bathymetry) using s500

I want to use s500 to make realtime depth chart as shown in attachment by combining IMU,GPS and depth data from s500. Do you recommend any software which can do it?
I am looking a software for research purpose to make plot of a lake using our boat which has GPS,IMU,2 X S500 with pixhawk.
Later I want to combine data from two s500 and increase depth plot density

In future we plan to incorporate this kind of functionality (i.e. plotting 3d hydrographic information) into SonarView. In the meantime ReefMaster software might be a low cost solution, but I’m not sure.

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Sure I will try ReefMaster, and good to hear we can have new useful . Meanwhile s500 export data in .svlog format and ReefMaster uses GPX data.How can we feed the S500 data to ReefMaster software?
Additionally I am not sure how to connect s500 to any of the available software in market due to this issue

I think someone on bluerobotics have tried something similar before with ping 1d

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Hi Larry!

I followed this link: BlueRobotics Ping Underwater Sonar — Rover documentation and connected the S500’s Serial port to the TELEM2 port of the Pixhawk. Setup is done like a BR Ping1D. But there’s no data, I suspect because of the need to set ping enable property of the device. Is there a way to permanently set it for auto enable? Also is there a way to set it up so that it turns on with the CHIRP and auto gain & scale enabled?

I am looking for a completely headless start with the pixhawk recording the data in its logs. If there’s a way to do it, it’d help a lot.