Do I need to buy additional parts from the Bluerobotics to assemble the ROVL?

When assembling ROVL to the BlueROV2, the manual said use M10 penetrator for a 3m cable, crimp the male header pins, connect the 5V 6A Power Supply and in the receiver installing, use BLUART serial to USB converter.
There is no additional M10 penetrator in bluerov2 and ROVL, It seems I need to buy it from Bluerobotics.
And male header pins can be purchased from other shop near by my place.
5V 6A Power Supply and BLUART are in the BlueROV2 kit but those are used in BlueROV2 itself. also I have to buy them from Bluerobotics.
Am I right?:frowning: or is there a way that using those parts simultaneously assembling BlueROV2 and ROVL?

And I want to use Ping360 sonar and ROVL together, is it possible?

Hello Taejon,

Yes, you can use the Ping 360 and ROVL on the same ROV. I am posting a picture of a ROV with both units installed. On your other questions, I will get back to you shortly.

Hello Taejon,

You will need a BLUART (or equivalent USB to serial) for the receiver and the penetrator for the transmitter. These can be purchase through Blue Robotics.

Then 5V6A Power Supply doesn’t need? ROVL is available to use 4.5-28V and the 5V 6A Power Supply used in the manual only translate 7-26V to steady 5V output. It seems connecting ROVL to BlueROV2 directly doesn’t make a problem. Am I right? I wonder If connecting ROVL to AUV without converter may cause short circuit or something. :skull_and_crossbones: