Dual Omniscan 450SS bring-up

I’m in the process of bringing up a dual Omniscan 450SS mounted to a BlueROV2 and have a couple of questions:

How should the small flat ribbon cable be connected between the two PCBs? I seem to remember seeing images of this a while ago but can’t find them now and the documentation only describes the software setup of dual 450SS units.

(How long) Can the transducers be powered up safely on the workbench.I want to check that everything is working before putting the BlueROV2 in our pool.

Photo taken during the build of the electronics showing the placement of the OS 450SS PCBs:

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Jumper cable between the 2 pcbs is no longer required. Sychronization now occurs over ethernet.

Pinging in air for 10 minutes or so shouldn’t be a problem. Just be careful not to leave it pinging indefinitely.


Thanks Larry for quick and nice follow up!

Then I can continue with the bring-up.

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@Larry: I got the two OS450SS units up and running, but made two stupid mistakes that are causing me trouble now.

Initially I disconnected one of the transducers, but silly enough forgot to disconnect the power/Ethernet of the unit (hint: don’t do the setup when you’re tired).

That caused both units to show up under discovery with same ip, and I accessed the top one successfully and updated the firmware, exited and tried to access the other one, but forgot the instructions and tried to update the IP of the second one to get it working (rookie mistake).

Eventually I realised my two mistakes and was able to configure both of the units separately with reboots in between and could confirm that they were both working – chirping and drawing the data on the GUI) when tested separately.

But when I then reconnected everything and booted them up together, only one of the units show up under Discovery ( and not

Although the Start button is enabled, the sonar doesn’t chirp/draw the data. When I test the mounting setting I get a notification that it can’t be changed due to multiple devices connected (see image below),

After that I tested the two units separately and they turn up in Discovery and work nicely when being the only available unit.

I assume this is a setting/configuration item (or something network related?) that ended up wrong when I messed up. Do you have tips on how to fix this?

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Yeah probably it’s a bit too late to be doing a dual Omniscan setup which I must admit is awfully kludgy!

We are completely overhauling the way to set up multiple devices and hope to get a release out next week. Most of the setup can be configured in a device_config file and you can change ip address and update f/w with all devices plugged in. We’ve got a few pieces to put in place before we can get you a beta but we’re close.

I’ll forward to Nick to see if he has any additional thoughts about your current situation.

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Thanks again for the swift reply.

I have time to wait until next week but appreciate it if Nick might have additional thoughts that can help me fix it sooner.

PS: I have installed the latest beta release of the SonarView extension in BlueOS, but the discovery fails when scanning for units. I didn’t have time tonight to check for possible causes so just installed the Mac application instead, which worked and enabled me to mess up :joy:

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Wait, you’re putting dual Omniscan SS on a BlueROV? I was assuming Blue Boat. Not that it affects your issues here, but I you’re probably the first one to put 2 SS units on BROV. Will you have them on both sides or one forward?

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The plan is to mount the units on both sides of the BROV.

The BROV will be used as a test rig for various components and software, which at a later stage will hopefully be included in a small/cheap(ish) AUV.

I would love to have a forward looking unit as well, but the planned width of the AUV is only around 20cm at it’s widest.

Would it technically be possible to use the two units as a poor man’s DVL when they are mounted in a 180 degree config if your software adds support for it, our does it depend on a 90 degree setup?

We intend to use a Water Linked DVL A125 at a later stage, but want to postpone that cost as long as possible. I’m aware of your DVL and would have loved to be able to use it, but I fear it is to inaccurate to be used for our use case.

In addition to the OS 450SS units we also plan to add a 6 camera Jetson AGX Orin setup (in another enclosure) on the BROV for eventual inclusion in the AUV. That is a big reason for using an all Cobalt connector setup on the BROV enclosures.

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Sounds like a fun project! To get “poor man’s DVL” functionality with Omniscan the two units do need to be at 90 degrees. If they were at 180 degrees you would only have lateral DVL data.

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The AUV is meant to test out several more or less plausible ideas, both hardware and software/ML wise.

Re. poor man’s DVL: It makes sense that you need them at a 90 degrees angle and I doubted that 180 degrees could work, but it was better to ask about the 180-degree setup and get the reply I anticipated than never ask and miss out on a possibility.

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Impressive! Where are you located and what company?


It has been a pet project for me for way too long time now to build this small and “cheap” AUV as competence building (with a steep learning curve but also very fun) and see what is possible to achieve.

I’m located in Norway and my background is in IT.

I have just sent Dennys some more info about the project as I had his email address from before and asked him to forward the email to you.