DVL-75 "IMU Not Connected"

Since the last firmware update, which I did last week, I am now getting "IMU Not Connected’ messages in the command window, Cerulean Tracker app, and the BlueOS DVL Extension. Any suggestions?

Hello Ken,

Let me have the team review your data and we will get back to you!

Hi Ken, I just verified the latest firmware release connects with both the baseline IMU and enhanced IMU. I haven’t seen this problem in any other release in my memory. Can you please confirm the firmware date you have loaded? Latest Master firmware is May 19, 2023. Latest Channel firmware is March 14, 2023.

One other possibility, the latest install may have reset the flash memory settings as a new feature is supported, so please confirm all the correct messages are set up correctly (although this really can’t be causing the issue you report).

Thanks for replies,
The firmware dates match. I forced another load of the Master (May 19,2023) no joy. I ran through the settings, and they are correct. I was able to update the Declination, and heading offset. Both took. As there is no IMU ‘connected’, the compass heading output is random, and spinning.

An update to this.

I took the enclosure apart, and checked all the connectors. Now it powers up normal, with ‘IMU OK’ status. I’ll spray-clean the connectors, and put it back together.

It looks like this was a layer1 issue! :grinning: