DVL-75 Integration with BlueROV2

Hello everyone,

I recently read your guide regarding the integration of the DVL-75 (Most-in-One edition) with BlueROV2 but I have the following issue:
Assuming I successfully managed to setup the sensor and connect it with BlueROV2’s companion computer (Raspberry Pi) with the help of a USB TTL to Serial Adapter how can I test if the communication is correct through ArduSub Companion Computer Setup? I just want to see if the Companion computer reads the correct data and at which port.
I am not going to use Qground Control, I am planning to use other software (EIVAs solutions) and I just want to test my configuration before it. I followed this guide: BlueROV2 Cerulean install software – ceruleansonar but it seems a bit incomplete in the end.

Thank you in advance

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Hello Ioannis,

Did you manage to successfully test the communication? If so, what did you do?