DVL integration into BlueROV (Heavy) with Companion

My team and I are working on integrating the DVL-75 with our BlueROV heavy configuration. The configuration is still using the companion software and it was a conscious choice to stick with it because of the supposed ease of integration with the DVL.

I’m not sure if I’m missing some permission or something, but as I’m runnning through the software setup, I’m getting snagged on #5 when we’re looking for the correct file in Tags from the remote. The remote seems to connect, but the tags dropdown is empty.

Additionally, clicking on the github link for the remote, and the address does not seem to exist. Did the DVL integration lose compatibility with companion? I’ve seen some threads about integrating with BlueOS, is that the way to go now? Or like I said before, is there a permission issue that I need to fix to get access to the remote?

Thanks for any feedback

Hello Mike,

Let me discuss with the team and I will get back to you.


Hi Mike,
Sorry for the confusion. I moved DVL support over to BlueOS this week, it’s available in the new Blue Robotics Extension Store.

I have been testing it with BlueOS Beta 14. Raspberry Pi image here. More release info here.

Inside BlueOS, go to the “Extensions Manager” in the left sidebar, which will open the Extension Store. From there you can install the Cerulean DVL extension. It will appear in the left sidebar as shown in the screenshot.

I recommend running ArduSub 4.1.0 (or newer). You shouldn’t have to set any settings in ArduSub or in the DVL, the extension will do that for you.

Hey Nick,
I just completed the winter rebuild and loaded this extension. Will I still need to run the Tracker app? Will the Cerulean Map app still function as a stand-alone app? Hope to hit the test tank tomorrow. I’ll experiment!


You can use Tracker and Cerulean Map alongside the BlueOS extension if you want, but it is not necessary. If you are going to use both, ensure that only one of them is sending position updates to the ROV.

Ok, sounds good. Looking forward to testing in the next few days!

I have Tracker running, and the Map running, all looks normal on the Map screen. However, it appears none of the broadcast messages are getting down to the companion (BlueOS Beta14) as QGC has no location, and the telemetry shows zeros. When I looked at the DVL extension window no location on the world map.
I uninstalled the extension to try and get something to display in QGC. Nothing.
I must have a setting in the tracker app incorrect.??
Here is the screen shot

Disregard, It’s working now. I had to enable the NMEA Injector and change GPS to MAV.