DVL serial communication

We recently received our Cerulean DVL system, which we have installed on our BlueROV2 using the serial interface and a BLUART serial to usb card connected to the RPi (as is suggested in the DVL documentation). On the routing page of the companion web GUI the card appears as an endpoint which can be used for serial routing, confirming that the RPi has detected the device.

My question, which I presume other users may share, is how is the serial routing intended to function? Companion’s built-in serial routing broadcasts over UDP, whereas Cerulean Tracker expects input over a (in this case virtual) COM port. Is additional software required to route from UDP to a virtual COM port, or have I misunderstood part(s) of the process? I’d imagine a short guide in the documentation could help future users.


Let me check with the team and I will get back to you on your question.

Thanks !

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Everyone I contacted said they used Ethernet in the BlueROV2, which allows it to send directly to the topside computer and the ROV at the same time

That said, go ahead and try the following – > I would suggest to use IP: and port:50000 in the UDP endpoint section of the routing section. Make sure its set bi-directional between the serial port, and the UDP endpoint. It looks something like this: <---->

The Cerulean Tracker software should find it then.