Enabling Position Hold in QGC

We’ve run a few field tests with our setup, both exclusively with the DVL-75 as well as in combination with the ROVL. We’ve configured the software such that QGC receives NMEA data, however we’ve been unable to enable Position Hold mode. Is this behaviour intentional, as the GPS position is assumed to be too noisy, or have we incorrectly configured something in our setup? Thanks, yet again, for the support!

See this post from Jacob at Blue Robotics.

“The ‘gps enabled’ modes (position hold, guided, auto) are not stable or supported. They are included for developers, but not much work has been done on them to date, so it does not work very well.”

The procedure to use those flight modes is explained here.

Because ArduSub stable does not support DVLs, we had to make the DVL-75 act like a GPS to get it working right now. This change unfortunately makes the DVL-75 incompatible with the procedure linked above.

Support of autonomous flight modes with the DVL-75 is in active development, so I would recommend waiting for the next release if you are able.

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