How to get the IMU data from the DVL -75?

Hello, I am attempting to develop a control trajectory using nonlinear techniques. However, when I attempt to utilize the IMU from the BlueRobotics Navigator board and the data from the DVL-75, I encounter significant discrepancies between the upgraded IMU from the DVL and the IMU from the Navigator board. So I want to use the upgraded IMU from the DVL, is there a way of getting that data to mavlink or using python?
I am using the BlueOS extension.
Thank you for your help.

There is no direct path from the DVL to MAVlink.

The DVL-75 can send IMU data through its main interface. See here and here.

Thank you for the information, I will try to get the values of the IMU following your advice. Do you know if this will work if I am using the BlueOS extension?

The BlueOS extension will not be affected by these messages. You will need to turn on the re-tweet once, and the device will save this in non-volatile memory.