How to integrate ROVL MkII with BlueOS DVL Extension

Now that the DVL extension works great, is there a way to integrate the ROVL MkII? Or are they mutually exclusive at the moment?


It would be possible for our extension to talk to an ROVL RX (mounted on the ROV) and send relative position updates to ArduSub. If you provided Ardusub with a global origin, then you would be able to see it on the map in QGC. The ROVL is not accurate enough to allow ArduSub to position hold.

So at best, I could replicate the functionality of CeruleanTracker in the Cerulean BlueOS Extension.

What sort of integration are you looking for?

Thanks Nick,
I have the CS DVL-75 installed and working through the Extension. But before the BlueOS days, CeruleanTracker did the combining of location data from both the DVL-75, and the ROVL.

Maybe it would be easier to leave it as is, and run the ROVL with the CeruleanTracker and CeruleanMap as a stand-alone display?