How to ping two s500 simultaneously for beam forming

I want to manually fire a single ping in s500 so that I can sync two such modules for applications like beam forming and making arrays out of s500.
Whar command I can use to manually time and fire the pings?

How closely do the pulses need to be synchronized in your application? It may be possible to send a command for a single ping, but in a typical beam forming application, the timing usually needs to be very precise - like a small fraction of a single cycle. For the S500, that would be in the nanosecond range. It would not be possible to synchronized separate devices that closely.

I See ,then is it possible to run two transducers with same control board we get?
I want to use multiple transducers to make beam angle less than 5 degrees.How can I do that?

Sorry, it is not possible to run multiple transducers from the same board.

Have you considered Omniscan? It is not designed for finding depth specifically, but it does have <1 deg beam width in one dimension. But of course it is wide in the other direction.

A narrower single beam echo sounder is certainly possible. We’ll put it on our survey next time to see if very many customers might be interested.

Looking into the driver questions.

Thanks, I think angle close to 2 degree will really give good quality bathymetry.