Introducing Doppler Motion Tracking on Omniscan Imaging Sonar

We are very excited to announce this new (patent pending) capability of the Omniscan 450 FS imaging sonar. In addition to long range and high resolution imaging, Omniscan can now do motion tracking and position hold.

Check out the blog post. You’ll see a live embedded version of SonarView replaying an actual Omniscan log file taken on a BlueROV2 five meters below the surface with no GPS, no USBL, and no DVL!


That’s an innovative feature, I haven’t seen that done by any other manufacturer.

Thanks for showing of the mosaicking-in-software feature a bit more too! Any plans to export those mosaics as a georeferenced file? GeoTiff is fairly common.

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Thanks Kevin. We think its pretty unique.

SL2 and XTF exports are supported in the latest version of SonarView. The data will be georeferenced if they were taken from a surface vessel with GPS.

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Wow - someone has been working back late at Cerulean. Have been occupied with other projects so haven’t had a chance to use my BlueROV mounted Omniscan in the wild yet. Tests in the pool showed everything installed correctly and functioning as expected at shallow (and highly reflective) depths.

Only have a single 450 FS but keen to try this out, particularly the position hold feature - amazing!

Actually meant to ask is there some optimal screen dimension for resizing the SonarView window? Found that the SonarView image itself didn’t scale well when changing the window from full screen. Wanted to superimpose a smaller version the SonarView window over a background of the BlueROV video in QGroundControl but the image then only fills a fraction of the SonarView window when resizing. From memory I think this was in 3D mode.

Update to latest SonarView release (from yesterday). Scaling with window size significantly improved. Also note: mouse wheel to zoom, right click/drag to pan.

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Excellent thanks Larry - look forward to using it.