Introducing the Omniscan 450 Sonar

Omniscan is a low-cost, high-resolution, long-range imaging sonar ideally suited for use on small ROVs and surface vessels. Omniscan has a narrow and tall fan beam (<1 deg width) which is scanned by rotating the platform. As the ROV or surface vessel moves, SonarView “paints” the image of the scanned area of the sea floor giving excellent situational awareness in the murkiest conditions.


A great job!!
We can’t wait to see it!!

Nice innovation integrating the IMU.

I’d be interested in a pair of the SS variant for an AUV.

If you can get the recording and georeferencing done onboard a Pi running BlueOS, you would have a winning combination and a really useful tool.

Hey Kevin, We’re just wrapping up the dual sided support in SonarView. We’d love to get some nice demo files. Our lake is slightly frozen at the moment. In fact the Chilly Open “golf” tournament is going on on the lake as I type.

See you at OI? We can discuss the logistics.

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And yes, recording and georeferencing runs on the Pi and SonarView has a BlueOS version (very soon).

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Cool, looking forward to the software work and a viable SS option! I’m going to get back to CADing out my AUV design.

Nah, I’m skipping OI this time around, Cerulean and BR are the only products I can afford to do what I need. Happy to help with logistics, been out hunting for some new targets. Viz is kinda garbage with all the rain lately, so sonar all the way!

The Omniscan looks like a great bit of kit. A few, and possibly asked before, questions.
Looking at using one or two transducers in a hull / pole mounted configuration. With the system I have at the moment. the GNSS antenna is mounted on the top of the sss pole and provides a NMEA feed over bluetooth to the SSS logging software, allowing for a few bits of nav processing etc, this provides a real world position for each ping etc. Within sonar view is it possible to feed in a position via NMEA 0183 and combine it with the IMU output to provide a position for each ping?
Second question, is their a tool or function in sonar view that can export the sonar data as XTF?



last question are the log files for your sample data available to download ?

Great question Pete.

  1. NMEA feed for vehicle info. Currently SonarView accepts vehicle (platform) position and attitude information via MAVLINK stream provided by Ardusub. We will add capability to use an NMEA stream from various sources.
  2. XTF export. Not currently implemented, but we do plan on adding export outputs as requested by users and prioritized accordingly.
  3. We would be happy to post links to download the demo files, but they won’t do much good until we can provide documentation on the contents.

So the answers are yes, yes, and yes. However right now we are focused on Oceanology International this week, and starting Omniscan shipments shortly thereafter. I estimate these things could be coming in April/May timeframe depending on demand.

Omniscan 450 FS Sonar.

Regarding the resolution: Is it 50/1200x100 = 4,2 cm with range = 50m ?

Best Regards

Correct. But my post must be at least 20 characters, so: Yes.

Hey Pete, We are working on XTF export but having some issues. What program do you use that can takes XTF? We’ve tried DeepView FV but it’s crashing on our output and hard to say why…

I use EIVA or Seaview, if you send me a sample xtf I can give it a quick check


Are there any updates on creating .xtf files from the Omniscan? I took a look at the documentation at Overview - Cerulean Sonar Docs, but didn’t see anything. Ideally, I’d love for there to be a way to script data collection from an onboard companion computer using a bash command, without even needing to involve SonarView or a QGroundControl interface, that has an .xtf on the output that could then be post-processed with the GitHub - oysstu/pyxtf: A python library for reading and writing eXtended Triton Format (XTF) files library, for example.

XTF export is live in the current official release version of SonarView. The documentation may not have caught up yet!

SL2 export has been added to SonarView for Omniscan. Both XTF and SL2 formats are still beta. We are very interested to get feedback on any issues you may experience. The documentation has caught up also. You’ll find the Export functions on the SonarView Replay Controls when an Omniscan file has been opened.