NMEA Message GPGGA input/output Cerulean Tracker

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I have the rov locator mark II with autosync. No problem he work very good. Only thing, I can’t found NMEA $GPGGA message on output no contain GPS number lock. Is very important for me. How i can get this information ? I have see the GPS input is $GPRMC and don’t have the number of GPS.

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Hello Lucas, Let me check this with my team and I will get back to you later today – Thanks!

Thank you for reply, I wait your team ! :grinning:

My apologies for the slight delay — I will be getting back to you later today (Friday)

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In Cerulean Tracker, open the output tab and you will the checkbox for outputting $GPGGA. See image attached.

Thank you for reply, I do this but in the $GPGGA Message, i don’t have the number of satellite. I think is because the input format of the cerulean tracker is $GPRMC. The $GPGGA format have blank number for satellite in output.

This is not my GPS the problem because in the original software i can get $GPGGA complete message format.

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Hello, any update for my request ? I have see on the documentation $GPGGA have dummy values. is possible to send factice GPS number lock ? Thank you

Let me consult with my team and I will send you an answer.

We are unclear on the question; could you please elaborate?

What do you mean by “factice GPS number lock”?

The messages output by CeruleanTracker is synthesized internally based on the DVL and/or ROVL sensors. There are no satellites involved.

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Hello, I only need the number of satellites used by the ROV locator to calculate the position of the ROV.

For exemple the GPS have 6 sat’s locked, and i need to take it on the processed $GPGGA Output.

On the $GPGGA string output from Cerulean tracker I don’t have this information, Only processed GPS position. On your documentation is written all other informations are dummy values.

I have second system in my company, MicronNav, On the string output $GPGGA, You have the processed position GPS+ROV and the number of sat’s used for this calculation.

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