Omniscan 450 Connectors

I received my Omniscan 450 SS today and have a very basic question re wiring:

The cable from the transducer doesn’t quite match the picture in the documentation. Can you confirm that the yellow wire goes to the centre ground pin.

Also, I’m not familiar with the connector type on the board and it’s not intuitive how to attach the cable. Can you explain the operation. Don’t want to damage it!

You are correct, the yellow wire is shield. The wires are inserted into the connector one at a time. Press down on the button corresponding to the wire you wish to insert with either your finger or a flat-blade screwdriver, insert the wire until it stops, then let go of the button.

Well that should have been obvious!! Thanks…

No problem! I though it was a good question, so updated the manual as a result.

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