Omniscan 450 FS Far Field range query

Dear Cerulean, I noticed in the technical specs provided for the Omniscan that the Far Field range is 7m where it’s noted that at distances less than this the effective beam width gets narrower and and the side lobes get larger.

I wonder if you could provide more information about what this means for the signal displayed in SonarView at distances less than 7m. Specifically how should the display be interpreted? Having a narrower effective beam seems straight forward (less coverage?) but less certain about how the larger side lobes would effect the signal displayed (less sensitivity(SNR)?).

Appreciate any advice and also whether any of the SonarView settings or display parameters could be altered to optimize the display at distances less the the Far Field distance.

Many THanks


  • Bill

The effective beam width gets wider (not narrower) at close range. Probably you won’t notice much if any difference down to a few meters. The closer you get the image will basically get blurrier.

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Great thanks for clarifying Larry.