Omniscan 450 SS Maximum operating speed

I’m willing to experiment with the Omniscan 450 Side Scanner as an Imaging Scanner and live obstacle avoidance. What’s the maximum operating speed for the ROV to scan a surface at maximum resolution of the sonar.

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Not sure I understand the question. The ping rate is limited to 20 ping/sec or by the speed of sound, whichever is less. Does that help?

I mean if i need to form an image using the sonar of a ship wreck of 20m long and the ROV is 1m away from it. Is there a limiting operating speed for the ROV to scan the wreck to form a detailed image without being distorted?

I wouldn’t recommend getting quite that close, but sounds like your range is relatively short so you’ll be pinging 20 pings/sec. So if you move at 1 m/sec you’ll have a ping (line of the image) every 5 cm.


Well, that helps a lot. Thanks!