Omniscan 450 to create a depth map

can we use the Omniscan 450 to create a depth make of a lake? or can we use the side scan sonar images to form that depth map? I need help with this

Negative. Sidescan sonars (of which Omniscan is a type) cannot create depth maps.

is there a way? like for a lake if my rover takes a side scan images at every point and then we stich those images and can we do something with the whole stitched image to get some depth detail?

If you do that with sidescan sonar, you will get an image that will show features of the bottom, but you will not get depth.

So basically this is a research project and I have been told to use the omniscan side scan images for getting the depth map, and I am struggling with this, I would love to hear some ideas

Well if it’s an graduate level research project I could envision making multiple passes from various directions and correlating know surface positions with slant ranges (which is what side scan sonar gives you) to common identifiable features you can correlate in multiple passes to triangulate depths. Let me know if you solve that one!

I will give it a try and let you know

What kind of device(s) would we need to create a depth map?

Simplest would be a depth sounder. Sounder S500 – ceruleansonar

Is there a way to get the raw data of omniscan 450 somehow?

Have you looked at the API in the manual? LMK if that’s not sufficient.

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