Omniscan installation on BlueRov2 (BlueOS) - Mounting Setup

I’m installing the Omniscan 450FS on a BlueROV2 running BlueOS and wonder if you could provide some advice about the mounting setup parameters for SonarView as the manual appears to be missing this information. I understand how to obtain the correct values for magnetic declination in my area but not entirely sure about the other parameters required.

I have no MAVLink installed.

MAVLink is part of BlueOS, so if you connect the Omniscan and the vehicle on the same ethernet the only option you will need to set is the transducer heading. Assuming you have mounted the Omniscan facing forward on the vehicle, then the default 0 degree transducer mounting is correct.

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And thanks for the note about the documentation here. We’ll get that fixed.

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Lastly, note that there is now a new Official SonarView release here: Release 1.7.0 · CeruleanSonar/SonarView · GitHub

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Many Thanks Larry - I’m a new BlueROV2 user as well as Omniscan so just getting up to speed. I have no GPS installed on the BlueROV so assumed MAVlink was not relevant to my setup but understand from your reply that it will be detected by SonarView in the BlueOS regardless. :+1:

Awesome - thanks for the update will use this instead of SonarView-1.5.3-beta.exe

Had a couple of more minor questions of interest that I haven’t seen on the forum - sorry if I missed it.

  1. Does SonarView with Omniscan incorporate depth info via the pressure sensor on the BlueROV2?

  2. Do you see any issue having both Ping1 and Omniscan450FS installed on the BlueRov2?
    I understand only one instance of SonarView can run at a time but wondered if there were any physical connectivity issues you were aware of or software conflicts if I were to run PingViewer(Ping1) and SonarView(Omniscan 450FS) at the same time?
    I also note an issue in the SonarView documentation that if the IP address for one device was changed in SonarView was changed then it would also change the IP address for any other devices detected. Not sure if this is going to be an issue for a setup where both Ping1 and OmniScan450FS was installed but appreciate any advice you have about this before I get lost down a rabbit warren during the instal/setup.

Many Thanks

  1. SonarView does not utilize depth info from the pressure sensor (yet).
  2. Should be no issue for Ping1 and 450 FS on same vehicle.
  3. Likewise PingViewer and SonarView should be fine together.
  4. IP address update is an issue only for multiple devices of the same type. There is no issue with Ping1 at all because its interface is serial, so it doesn’t have an IP address.
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For the record, with the BlueOS extension version of SonarView (coming soon), multiple SonarView applications can run at the same time. In that case you could have a SonarView window running for the Ping1 and another for the Omniscan 450.

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Fantastic Larry - will keep an eye out for that upgrade.

  • Bill

Brilliant - Thanks Again Larry.

Thinking about this some more - obviously depth is useful but wondering whether Omniscan already calculates/estimates some measure of vehicle altitude (distance from seafloor)?

Presuming it knows distance to target/seafloor and has the mounting angle as well as IMU vehicle attitude. Obviously unreliable if the seafloor isn’t flat but where the variation is small relative to vehicle altitude could Omniscan still provide some estimation of altitude?

Yes Omniscan does calculate a distance to the sea floor internally, but it’s not provided to the application currently. In general, altitude calculation from sidescan data is not as good as a depth sounder, particularly at higher altitudes.

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Hi Larry, another thing that wasn’t clear for me in the Omniscan documentation - the BlueROV only has single ethernet port which is already used by the BlueROV. So can you confirm that I would need to purchase additional ethernet capacity in order to install the Omniscan 450 FS on a BlueROV?


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