Option to get and log calculated Lat Long data from ROVL

Dear Friends;
We are looking for an APP or Hardware that could log the GPS coordinates of the ROV.
If not already implemented I believe that you may develop a simple Arduino Hardware Box that receive external GPS sentences like RMC , comunicate with the ROVL receiver, and output a serial stream (and or log the data in an internal SDcard) of calculated ROV Lat Long position.
Let me know if available

Hello acjacques,

We have some good news! The capability you are requesting will be available in the next application ROV Locator app, which should be released by tomorrow TUE (U.S time). I will send you a note as soon as it is available for download.

Thank you,

The 12/16/19 dated revision of the ROV-Locator app has been uploaded, and you can download via https://drive.google.com/file/d/1foqYtRr0-5y_CMrB8fN1zmgcVA1WlEab

You can also go to the ROVL product page under “Content-tab” and find it there.

Dear Dennys;

Thanks for new version but it seems have only minor modifications from the older.

  1. The feature we need is a software that SHOW and automatically LOG the ship GPS position LAT LONG and the calculated GPS position LAT LONG of Transmitter based on SLANT RANGE, DEPTH and BEARING.

The recording should include;

a) Date and Time UTC ; (computer clock if GPS not available)

b) Receiver LAT LONG GPS position (offsets from user inputs following relative mounting); (none if GPS not available)

c) Transmitter calculated LAT LONG position (from slant range depth and bearing)or value to be added to an available GPS position;

d) Slant Range, Bearing and Depth of Transmitter relative to Receiver.

  1. Another desired feature is allow more options for GPS Baud Rates like 9600 19200 etc…

  2. And more circles in the Map Pix showing distances like 50 30 20 10 5 m

As suggenstion we believe that a small Arduino Box could be used to integrate and interface the incoming GPS and the ROVL . It will allow very easy future
firmware updates and adaptions to different outputs as customer’s applications.

Best regards



Hydratec Tecnologia Submarina Ltda

Dear ACJacques,

The ROV Locator Windows application is intended to be a simple testing application to ensure your units are operating and to install firmware in the field if necessary. It’s not intended to be mission software.

If you are using a BlueROV2, then almost all of your requested features are already there if you use the Cerulean Companion plug-in for QGroundControl. The only thing it doesn’t do yet is logging the position of the ground station (receiver in this case). This feature is on our list, but likely won’t be implemented until sometime in early 2020.

ArduSub is what’s responsible for doing all that logging, and it’s enabled by default. A high-frequency binary log is stored on the SD card on every flight. QGroundControl also saves a lower frequency telemetry log.

If you want to log more ROVL specific parameters, the “correct” thing to do would be to write a custom GPS driver for it (seehttps://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/tree/master/libraries/AP_GPS). That folder has many examples of custom drivers for all sorts of GPS devices.

If not using QGroundControl, the user manual includes the algorithms needed to calculate the data to log using your own application.

Hope this helps,

Dear Dennys;

I have received today our units. Connected to notebook and all seems working OK. Do do water testing yet.

Some few questions:

  1. I would like to know if the IMU informations are used by your firmware or the RovLocator Software to make any kind of corrections to positioning due the movements of roll and pitch if receiver installed in the boat.

  2. If not then should the receiver be installed in the ROV since it is inherently more stable ?

  3. Could GPS GNRMC sentences be accepted ?

Best Regards


Hello AC Jacques,

Let me look into these questions and I will get back to you!

Please find our answers to your questions:

1) I would like to know if the IMU informations are used by your firmware or the RovLocator Software to make any kind of corrections to positioning due the movements of roll and pitch if receiver installed in the boat.

Yes, the ROVL IMU data is used to compensate for the boat’s roll and pitch movement.

2) If not then should the receiver be installed in the ROV since it is inherently more stable?

Perhaps, but putting the pinger on the ROV is preferred for maximum range. The reason for this is that ROV thrusters tend to be electrically noisy, so if the USBL receive head is on the ROV it has less sensitivity due to the in increased electrical noise environment.

3) Could GPS GNRMC sentences be accepted?

It is not supported at this time.

Dear Dennys;

Thanks for answer. But for now I have another problem:

Dear Dennys;

I just bought a Rov Locator with you( Serials 1031/2031) and I am afraid that I have burned the transmitter unit during the first tests.
I believe testing with a 12V source accidentally touched one of the TX or RX wires to the 12V positive
The unit has stopped issuing clicks.
I would like to know how to proceed. If you could sell me another new circuit board and or if I could send also the damaged board for repair or partial refund. I am very concerned that we would have a ROV service to be performed soon in which the equipment would be used. Please help us with a quick solution.

Best Regards

Antonio Carlos Jacques
Hydratec Tecnologia Submarina Ltda.

Hello Antonio,

Let me discuss options with the team tomorrow TUE and I will get back to you.


I will have options for you tomorrow WED on how we can remedy your situation.

Thank you for your patience,

Thanks. I will wait.

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Dear Dennys; I would like to keep this conversation about my problem with the transmitter privately and not through this forum. please send me your email to my email

Hi Dennys,

Any news ?


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Dear Antonio,

My apologies for the delay. You can send the damaged unit, and we will fix it and ship the same day is received. Assuming the 12v short is indeed the cause, replacement of the PCB component will be about $200 plus the addition of shipping cost.

You can return the unit using the RMA#: DB010920 to:

Cerulean Sonar LLC
ATTN: Dennys Bisogno
294 Grove Ln E
Suite 200
Wayzata MN 55391

Let m know if I can assist you further,

Dear Dennys;

To avoid delays it is possible you to ship a new board meanwhile I send mine to you. ? I will pay a deposit in advance and after your analysis and fix you charge and make a final balance ? It is OK ? Estimated time from ship to delivery is about 10 days from here to you and about 30 days from you to me. Customs here is terrible.


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I will need to consult the Mfg. Team and get back to you.

Ok. I would buy / send just the pcb board.

The short was the tx or rx wires have touched the 12VDC supply.

But it is technically supposed both UART input output be high impiedance …



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I am working on a plan to send you a new board for you to install. I will have the details for you tomorrow FRI.

It is essential when installing that there are no fibers or grit on the case o-ring. If the o-ring is completely dry, you will need to add a SMALL amount of vacuum grease or petroleum jelly to the top of the o-ring. You will also need to re-run the 30-minute clock calibration.

By the manual the Transmitter does not need crystal calibration.

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