Possibility for intergation with OLEX

Can you please help me to be assured that i will be abel to integrate Cerulean Rov locator with Olex Navigation system.
Link to specs needed

It would be to great help if someone knew if this was possible or not.
Regards Jone Lunde


Let me look into this and I will get back to you.

Thank you for your patience,

Ok look forward to hear from you

Hi any news on this?

Sorry for the delay,

There is no one in our customer base that have tried this platform. One of our ENG is looking into options and I will get back to you by tomorrow (U.S.A time) THU with an answer.

Thank you!


Currently, our system does not output the $PSIMSSB messages. Adding this capability to the ROVL receiver output would be complex.

We have been in contact with Olex recently, and perhaps they would be willing to make a piece of middleware to create the $PSIMSSB sentence based on the data that the ROVL outputs. But that is not our decision.

We will keep you informed if anything changes on our side.