Problem with ROVL MK2 autosync


I have buy the rov Locator mk2 with autosync, but i can’t get the sync. I don’t understand the problem. I can’t get the ping but the TX is pinging. I have put the RX and TX in air for get GPS time but he don’t want to sync. I have try it in water but nothing change. Please can you help me? thank you.



Let me consult with the team and I will get back you with next steps.

Thank you!


Can you provide me with an email address so we can exchange information and files.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, finally, I have found the solution. The problem is the GPS signal. I have lot of building where i put the rov. I have change the place and all seems ok, he lock the GPS very fast. Other problem i found is the transmitter, i don’t know how to put on the ROV because the position on QGC is not correct. What do you preconise for the receiver position ?

I can’t send you a PM message for give you my email because i don’t have the message icon.

Thank you for your Help