Qt sample code to access the fan image data of 450FS

I was looking for a sample qt-based code to access the fan image data and IMU reading of the Omniscan 450fs data.
I would like to access the image data in qt only to integrate with rest of my robotic system.
any command library or handbook also available which I can refer to code for the same?
I was wondering if I can get an example code then I can build over it. Thanks

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We don’t maintain an official QT library, but you may find the information in this forum post useful. Another customer was able to successfully adapt it for a similar purpose.

but is it not for s500? I was looking for 450FS sonar.do u have any data sheet or protocol details to communicate to 450fs? like header files etc which i can use

Yes. https://docs.ceruleansonar.com/c/v/omniscan-450/appendix-a-programming-api

The S500 and the Omniscan use the same packet protocol, though different actual packet types. Thus the general QT code for parsing packets is relevant for both.

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Thanks ,I will then proceed with 450FS and try it
Also can I ask like ping 360 can scan 360 degrees, how much area 450fs can cover? does it also have rotating motor? on product page it looks like it can scan large area instantaneously but I doubt its multibeam SONAR?

Your understanding of the Omniscan 450 FS seems deficient. Please reread the product descriptions and the manual. Omniscan does not have any rotating motor, nor is it a multi beam sonar. It is a single fan beam sonar normally rigidly attached to a vehicle (just like a side scan only normally facing forward). Vehicle translation or rotation affects the scanning and SonarView app creates the image using the available vehicle position and orientation information.

If you do this with your own app, you will have to create your own image. The data you will get from Omniscan will just be the echo profile of each ping.