Rov Locator Calibration

Hello Cerulean Sonar! I hope you are all fine.

We bought a Rov Locator Bundle and installed it to BlueRov2. But we have difficulty understanding how the Rovl was set up and calibrated. We already installed the firmware using Rov Locator App but is this installation need to be done with receiver plugged in?
We did the clock drift compensation sending command, no problem here. Our values 3333. We believe that we did IMU calibration but actually we don’t understand anything from documentation. How IMU calibration can be done, could you please explain in detail? Which commands do we need to send before calibration or remounting the receiver?
Actually could you explain everything step by step? We really need this. Thanks in advance.

Hello @gsavran,

Let me put together some information and I will get back to you by tomorrow (THU - USA central time).

Thank you!

@gsavran may I have an email where I can send you some information?


You can send to this email Thank you very much.