ROV Locator contributes to the removal of 4 tons of wreckage

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Early in June, an underwater search by Titan Maritime near Mahone Bay Nova Scotia revealed massive quantities of lost or abandoned fishing gear wreckage.

In the seabed, Titan Maritime found three kilometers of plastic fishing lines weighed down by 50 bags filled with sand and gravel, spread over a 600-meter watery grave, and resembling ruins of a sunken ship.

The wreckage had very little monetary value, but its removal is an invaluable contribution to the protection of endangered species such as the North Atlantic right whales and leatherback turtles who are threatened by fishing gear entanglements.

A Blue Robotics BR2 heavy ROV equipped with Cerulean ROV Locator positioning system was a vital instrument for this “ghost gear” removal operation.

Check the News Story by CBC Nova Scotia News.

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