ROVL cannot connect New Version of the Cerulean Tracker

Cerulean ROVL MkI(the black one) was purchased in December 2020.

Yesterday I download the software from this site: ROVL Mk I Comprehensive Release - Google Drive

When I plug the ROVL Rx line in PC usb port, cerulean tracker always show “communication status—> serial timed out”

Other information is as follows:

  1. PC usb port is usb2.0

  2. when plug the ROVL Rx line in PC, a red led in the line is light. Led D3 on PCB is yellow and stable. Led D1 on PCB is red and flash.

  3. PC serial port COM3 is open. Parameters are 115200 8 non 1 non

  4. cerulean tracker ROVL Rx shows: “connection status -->COM3/115200 connected”, “communication status—> serial timed out”

I don’t know why the software can’t connect the ROVL Rx, can someone can help me?

Thank you!

Hello Fei,

Let me discuss with the team and get back to you. Can you provide me with your email in case I need to send you some files?

My email is Dennys Bisogno

Thank you