S500 beta f/w available

Just to let you know, anybody working on S500, there is a beta f/w update available. Post here if interested to test.


We are interested in testing out the beta. What are the updates/changes in this f/w update?

Here are the main changes to the S500 f/w available in the current beta release:

  • Implementation of the automatic discovery protocol on Ethernet as implemented in other Cerulean products and the Ping360 and by the SonarView app.
  • Support for setting IP address and storing in non-volatile memory on the S500 device. Also supported by SonarView app.
  • Support for DHCP acquisition of IP address.
  • Higher ping rates available at certain ranges by overlapping some data processing and communication of a previous ping during the time of flight of the next ping.
  • Added response packet type “distance2” which reports distance and confidence of both the most recent ping, as well as the smoothed distance and confidence.
  • added ACK to set_ping_params command.