S500 connection via LAN

Hi Team,

I have just opened up the S500

What is the factory IP address and UDP configuration?

I would like to connect to the unit from my PC via LAN.

It’s x.x.x.92 . Only the last octet matters.

If your device is, and you send a ping protocol packet to, the sounder will take that address.

What UDP port would the sounder default to with the xx.xx.xx.92 IP address so ping viewer can access the device

Thanks for your help!

The UDP port is 51200. Both the IP and the Port are hardwired in the firmware and cannot be changed for the time being.

i am currently also thinking about connecting the s500 to a raspberry pi via Ethernet.
do you have any results from your experiments?
The documentation of the S500 is somehow sparsely on this topic.

Hi Harald!

Unfortunately time has been a problem and I have not progressed connecting the device. I want to have the s500 send a depth below surface value to a com port on a remote laptop and use this value in various software programs to develop a depth chart.

It’s a great bit of kit but needs an easy interface for someone like me to get it going. I can connect the s500 to ping without a problem but this does not allow me to send the data to 3rd party software.


It would be helpful if you could provide some more details about your setup, and what you have tried so far.

The simplest way to test the Ethernet functionality is to set a static IP to your computer and use ping-python. I tend to use, but you could also use something like which is what Blue Robotics uses. Then install ping-python

I would start by making sure you can send a network ping to the sounder first, through a terminal or command prompt: ping x.x.x.92 . Fill in your chosen IP address for the first 3 octets.

If that works, then give this a try:

from brping import Ping1D
myPing = Ping1D()
myPing.connect_udp("", 51200)
data = myPing.get_profile()

Hello Nick,
thanks fo your reply, i think this is a good starting point.
We already had success by talking to the S500 via Serial on an Arduino and after some tweaks
in the ping-Arduino library it worked so far.
I want to switch to raspberry / Ethernet to handle the big amount of data from a profile scan.
The arduino was Ok for simple depth sounding,
I am currently new to raspberry and have to find an entry point.

Some hours later.
We have unsuccessfully tried to Ping the device.
“Normal” Ping does not work, the S500 seem to have a “stealth” mode for pings.
A colleage had a special tool to get the ping working…
After that, we tried the python script and it worked!
To be continued…

Some good news:
i am slowly advancing…
S500 ist now running on a PI400 over ethernet with the
ping-python library.
Most of the time i was fighting with static IP config on the raspberry, but now it seems to work.
I can now get data from a scan an d i can configure the ping interval…
But, this only works with the “old” ping protocol / API.
It would be very helpful having an upgrade of the ping-python library for the S500, because it has some nice new features, the ping does not have…