S500 - Maximum Range

What is the maximum range of depth that can be measured by the S500? The technical description states 100+ m and I have seen a previous forum post where your team has achieved ~120m measurements at Lake Superior.

What is the absolute maximum that the S500 can measure?

I should be able to confirm whether the 120m is doable by no later than EOD today. I will get back to you.


Please also check and let me know if beyond 120m (say ~150m) is doable as well. Thx

Maximum range will be entirely dependent on the type of bottom or target. Lake Superior tends to have a fairly hard bottom that reflects well.

Thanks for clarifying. Assuming that the signal reflects well, is there any hardware/software limitation on the maximum depth that can be measured by the S500?

Max range is limited to 142m in the device firmware. I don’t think that is really a hard limit. Let me know if that’s enough.

Thanks for the update. We will evaluate and let you know if there are any further clarifications.