S500 transmit only

HI ,
can you kindly guide me on how to use S500 in receiver mode only?
I dont want to transmit ping from it but only receive from it.
My idea is to use one s500 to transmit and many s500 to only receive at different locations arranged in an array fashion
Samarth Jain

This mode is not currently supported, but given a plausible use case, we could consider adding this capability. How exactly do you envision this to work?

  1. Transmit and wait for the ping to come back: This function will send a ping from the transducer and then wait for the echo to be received before continuing. This is the current behavior of your transducer.

  2. Start the counter without transmitting a ping: This function will start the counter on the transducer without actually transmitting a ping. Instead, it will wait for the transducer to receive a ping from another transducer that was fired. This will allow you to use one transducer to transmit and multiple transducers to receive the ping at different positions. This opens whole new functionality for s500 to be used in small arrays.

currently I have two of s500 and i wanted to try this with them. Later I plan to extend this project to more transducers.

How closely in time would the 2 devices need to be synchronized? How far apart are the 2 transducers? Can your system use ethernet (would be better for tighter synchronization of timing)? What is the actual application if you can share that information.