S500 UDP single socket

I am trying to run the sonar view along with the Python script in background. My script reads sonar s500 data using ping1d Library.
But When my script reads sonar data, I cant read sonar data in sonar view parallely. Looks like the UDP is making single socket?

As the f/w is currently implemented, the first interface to connect (in this case serial from your Python script?) takes over, and the other interfaces are ignored until the next power cycle.

The interface connected right now is ethernet. We were trying to use Sonarview to visualize the data and record it into a csv file for post processing. We noticed that as soon as our code starts, the sonarview waterfall freezes. Is there any way around it?

Yeah, two simultaneous hosts is going to be a problem. Can your Python script disconnect after it sets up the S500?

Alternatively, we are working on incorporating vehicle position data in the SonarView log file for S500 like we already do for Omniscan. We could get you a beta this week if that helps.

Would those logs be processable in the Reefmaster software? Right now the script is mainly so that we can get a CSV of the depth and GPS coordinates.

Worst case you could parse the file with your script and generate the csv file, but possibly we can provide the export. I’ll let you know more tomorrow.

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

Just to check: Can you connect with SonarView at the beginning of your mission, get things going, then disconnect? Recording will continue on the BlueOS processor.

We should be able to provide a CSV export this week also.

We’ve got more testing to do, but we are capturing BlueOS position data in the SV log file and CSV export is implemented.