S500 with Ping Arduino Library

Hello to everyone,
i have just received my S500 Sonar.
It is running perfectly with the PinViewer App on a MAC vie the USB.
In contrary to the documentation, the Micro-USB Port on the Board can be directly plugged
into a MAC/PC. It seems to emulate a Serial connection. Therefore, no USB to Serial Adapter is needed.
But when i tried to connect i to an ARDUINO MEGA, it only “half-working”.
I have used the suggestions from here:
Ping Sonar and Arduino Mega - Blue Robotics Products / Ping Sonar Devices - Blue Robotics Community Forums
All of the three Example Sketches are somehow running.
I tried first the Basic example Sketch “ping1dsimple”
The communication to the S500 seems to work in general, but the device does not issue any distance information. The transducer keeps silent (no audible klicks).
I think, that there are differences in the protocol between the S500 and the ping sonar.

Any ideas / suggestions ?

Update 2021-08-02:
Seems, that only the “ping1d-simple” sketch is not working.
Tried to use “ping1d-advanced” and this seems to work, when i enabled the profile readout. Despite the fact, that the profile command is different between the s500 and the ping sonar…

You are correct that ping1d-simple is not working with S500. I would recommend using the Continuous_start message with the Distance_simple ID like this:

ping_msg_ping1D_continuous_start msg;
write(msg.msgData, m_msgDataLength());
Then your loop() function can just look like this:
void loop()
if (waitMessage(Ping1DNamespace::Distance_simple))
// print results

We will keep you informed as any changes are made. – Thank you!