S500 with ping-python library

Hello everyone,
We have purchased a Cerulean S500 and we are trying to integrate it with a Raspberry Pi.

As far as I can see the S500 sensor uses the Ping Protocol (created by BlueRobotics). I am trying to get distance using the ping-python library (GitHub - bluerobotics/ping-python: Python scripts and examples for the Ping sonar.) but I have no luck. Has anybody success with this? Do I have an alternative? I just what to get the data by avoiding using a 3rd party application.

Thanks in advance


We are having a similar issue in getting the S500 data using the ping-python library directly. If we first launch SonarView and start running the S500 and then exit the application, the ping-python library is able to subsequently fetch data.

It seems that the BlueRobotics ping-python library does not yet support the set_ping_params and continuous_start functions that may required for the S500 to start sending data. @cerulean.admin / @Larry can you confirm if this is the case? And if so, do you have a version of ping-python that implements these functions?

Alternatively, is it possible for the S500 to automatically start sending pings on power up without the need for a continuous_start command to be sent?

I believe the issue with using the BR ping-python library is that the S500 does not start pinging by default on power up whereas the BR Ping1 does. We will address this in the next S500 f/w update.

HI, is the issue resolved in the currently sold S500?I have recently bought it.

Please download the latest SonarView here: Release 1.8.5 · CeruleanSonar/SonarView · GitHub. Connect to the S500 either on ethernet or USB. If USB make sure to check Enable Serial Devices in the “SonarLink and Discovery Options” in Settings. Latest f/w is V2.29.0.

That said, we do not enable pinging on power up as it’s not good for the device to be pinging for long periods out of the water.