SARbot with ROVL + Ping360 installed

Below is a SARbot that recently shipped out to a SAR (Search & Recovery) volunteer group in Minnesota. Their budget did not allow for a typical SARbot configuration, which includes a multibeam imaging sonar, so they decided to go with a the Ping360 and ROVL.

This SARbot is also built “imaging sonar ready” so when the team is ready, a Gemini 720ik/1200ik (with INODIVE rail) can be mounted and connected without any further integration.

SARbot Link

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Hey Jeff, Thanks for posting and thanks for recommending the Cerulean ROV-Locator USBL to your customer.

On the topic of imaging sonar - progress has been encouraging of late and we may have some info to share in the next couple of months.


Cerulean Sonar LLC

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