Screen images from Sonarview

I’m interested in capturing Sonar images in a format suitable for downstream processing e.g. jpeg. Logging to a file or UDP port would be suite my need. Is this something that could be implemented in Sonarview? Would be even better if the process could be triggered and configured remotely as I use the Omniscan on an unmanned vehicle. I realize there is an API to access the raw data from the 450 but I would have no clue how to render images from that.

Well, if you’re looking for jpeg, you could run the files on SonarView and do screen or video captures.

Thanks for getting back.

You mean record them on the ASV boat where the docker image is running and review/do screen captures on desktop when the files are recovered?

Yes, exactly.

I need to geolocate the captured images. If it was captured on the boat I could save it with the corresponding GPS info. Not sure how I would do that after the fact. I’m providing a Mavlink feed - is that also saved and accessible?

Upcoming SonarView and Insight 240 f/w update will record MAVLINK psn data in the svlog file and we will also open the API so you can post process the beam pwr data.

Thanks Larry. Would you have a timeline?

~mid March
~mid March

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By any chance does Omniscan have the ability to create XTF files of the waterfall data? Was thinking I could import to OpenSidescan for analysis.

Omniscan does have XTF an export function. Consider it beta, and we are interested in feedback on any issues.

That’s great. I’m not in the water yet. Waiting for Spring thaw and launch so will definitely provide some feedback.