Side Scan Sonar tow fish location

Can this product be used with a tow fish and a moving vessel? And does anyone know if the NMEA output is compatible with HYPACK Marine Search software. ie does the companion software forward $GPGGA messages?

We have not tested the system with a vessel moving at substantial speed (we have tried it at a couple of knots). There’s no reason it shouldn’t work to some extent. We would recommend mounting the receiver “sideways” so the towfish is in the recommended reception zones of the receiver, as opposed to letting it drag behind and having the towfish be oriented with the “bottom” of the receiver. We would also recommend a rigid mount with respect to the tow vessel and using the “relative” orientation outputs of the receiver rather than using the IMU-based “true” outputs.

Regarding compatibility with HYPACK software, the ROVL sentence is almost certainly incompatible.

Thanks you for your quick reply. Great advice for the receiver orientation.

With regards to the output string from the companion software. If the companion computer is on the same LAN (via a LAN switch) as the computer running Hypack, could I not set that as the -m location in the startup string? Then update the Hypack GPS setup to match the companion? Here is the setup screen from Hypack:

It seems like that should work just fine! Cerulean Companion outputs a standard NMEA message.

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