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Cerulean Sonar is a spin-out of Digi Labs, a Minnesota based new product incubator. The Digi Labs R&D shop was founded by Larry Lukis, retired Founder, CTO, and Chairman of Proto Labs.
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SONAR devices have evolved considerably in the sophistication of their technology. They incorporate advanced echo ranging techniques into more affordable devices for smaller unmanned vehicles. This blog provides an introduction to the basics of current SONAR applications in a straightforward manner. Read More>
Side scan sonar is a specialized sonar device for finding and identifying objects on the seafloor. See a preview of a future Cerulean Side scan sonar product in action.
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Navigation remains one of the main hurdles limiting the full potential of AUVs. Doppler Velocity Logs have become a reliable solution for tackling AUVs navigation requirements. Read More>

Finally an underwater positioning system that doesn’t cost more than the vehicle! The ROV Locator comprises a pinger mounted on the ROV and a USBL receiver module on the surface. Sync them up at the start of the dive and track the ROV location in real time on the QGroundControl map display.
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On Oct 25th, our Cerulean Sonar team traveled to Torrence, California, to attend the second annual Blue Robotics Open House. Read More>