Sonar scan data format and access script code

I plan to use a 450FS to monitor underwater contruction activities and reconstruct in a 3D modelling software, so I need to access the raw data from 450FS, would you please advise where can I find an example script to access the sonar data in real time, and what is the format of .svlog file? Can I just keep SonarView running, at the same time, open .svlog file to read the data in parallel? Thanks.

Please find the Omniscan API reference in the appendix of the Omniscan manual which you can find at

The format of the svlog file is simply a stream of packets as defined in the API.

Not sure about your question about reading the svlog file while it is still being written. Might we worth a try.

Omniscan does not provide 3D data. Omniscan data is similar to sidescan images which render an image on the sea floor but do not include vertical height information.

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