The communication of Cerulean Tracker with GPS

I’ve been using a ROV Locator Mk II installed on my BlueROV2. After I updated Windows of my laptop last month, I cannot obtain the location of the ROV due to a trouble of the Cerulean Tracker. The Cerulean Tracker (both 2021-08-12 and 2021-10-12 versions) doesn’t communicate with USB-serial typed GPS (ublox 7), even though u-center detected the GPS. Are there any solutions for my trouble? I would be grateful for any advances.

Best, Kentaro

After the above question, I tried another GPS which is connected to my laptop with updated Windows (hereafter referred as laptop A) via Bluetooth and the Cerulean Tracker successfully recognized the GPS.

However, I have another question. The Cerulean Tracker of the laptop A shows different values of “Time of Fix” in GPRMC Window (Topside GPS) and Output Reflection. Contrary to the laptop A, another laptop with un-updated Windows, whose Cerulean Tracker can communicate with USB-serial typed GPS, shows same values of “Time of Fix” in the two windows when Bluetooth typed GPS was connected. Can the different values of “Time of Fix” cause problems in estimating the location of ROV?

Best, Kentaro

Hello Kentaro,

Let me discuss with ENG and I will get back to you.


Thank you for your help on mails.

As you suggested on a mail, the failure in the connection of Cerulean Tracker with our USB-typed GPS (ublox 7) was due to the serial driver. In the device manager, ublox was recognised both as a sensor and Virtual COM Port. I changed driver of ublox recognised as a sensor to USB serial device, then Cerulean Tracker successfully got to recognise the ublox.

I understand the different “Time of Fix” values will have no effect on location on the ROV.
Note: “Time of Fix” value in the Topside GPS window comes from the Topside GPS, while that in the Output Reflection window comes from the UTC time of day from the laptop. In my case, the clock of the laptop could be incorrect.

Best, Kentaro