Upgraded IMU data no reliable

I am working with the DVL-75 to implement non-linear control techniques for trajectory tracking, so I decided to use the data from the upgraded IMU for transformations and navigation of my BlueROV instead of using the Pixhawk’s IMU because I thought it would be better to work with the same IMU used for position calculation.

When retweeting the IMU data, I notice that the values keep increasing continuously, leading me to believe that the IMU is not properly calibrated. Consulting the documentation, I see that there is no way to calibrate the upgraded version’s IMU manually as it calibrates itself.

Essentially, I point the sensor north as the documentation suggests, wait for some time for calibration, but even so, the yaw value starts increasing after the quaternions-euler transformation. The roll and pitch values remain close to 0.

Any recommendations on how to recalibrate the IMU?