I will like to use the ROV LOCATOR with my BlueROV2 ROV from BlueRobotics.
Do you have an explanation of how to integrate it to QGroundControl map display ?

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Hello ehanROV,

Thank you for reaching to us! I have passed your request to the support team, and you should be getting a response soon.

Thank you,

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Hello ehanROV,

We are planning to share a plug-in for the QGC app in the next coming week. It will be placed on the product page for download. I will contact you as soon as it is posted.

Thank you!

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Hi dennysb

Thanks a lot :+1:

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Hello Erland,
Welcome and thank you for being an early adopter!

I’ve written and published my instructions for getting the ROVL to work with QGC here:

I’ve created builds for Linux and Windows. MacOS coming soon.

The software and instructions are under active development, and will be improved over the coming weeks / months. Any input you can provide would be greatly valued :slight_smile:

Please drop any feature requests / bug reports / documentation errors here


Hi NickNothom

Thanks a lot.

I have ordered the ROV Locator and will get it early next week :smiley:

Then I will use your instruction to integrate it to BlueROV2

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Good day everyone,
I am looking for a USBL-like solution to aid the BlueROV2 in returning to a specific location on the sea floor. Given a GPS location of the location, will the ROV LOCATOR do this, or does this? I can’t see where the slant distance is computed with the depth delta between the transponders, then combined with surface GPS data. Does QGC do this?

Hello Kdeboer,

By using our Cerulean Companion program, you’ll have a map view in QGroundControl of where the ROV is. Then you can create a waypoint in QGroundControl and drive to it. The ROV cannot drive itself to the waypoint yet.

Thanks Dennys!